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SCAE Award Best new product 2017 - coffee accessories
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Cleaning group-heads — fast, easy and safe!

The Espazzola is a professional tool for cleaning the group-head of espresso machines. It is mounted into the group-head like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the machine for a thorough and comprehensive removal of the coffee residues from all surfaces. Instead of brushing the group-head by hand, the machine cleans itself almost automatically.

Fast, easy and safe!

How does the Espazzola work?

The Espazzola consists of a rigid cup section that can be inserted into the group-head like a portafilter. A flexible insert - the membrane - is mounted into the cup.

The flexible membrane adapts to the group-head. All areas in this narrow and hot part are wiped off simultaneously - up to the sealing gasket and into the slot for the portafilter cams!

flexible membrane in the Espazzola

At the same time, the hot water from the espresso machine is used to flush the group-head thoroughly. It is then safely guided over the rim of the cup into the drip tray.

With this clever principle, cleaning all surfaces in a group-head takes less than 20 seconds and is as easy as pulling an espresso shot. And that without any big spills or burnt fingers! The espresso machine cleans itself almost automatically.

Testimonials (from public forums)

Headala in online forum
“I backflush with water daily, complete with a loose wiggle flush, then use a brush weekly. I was amazed at how much gunk this tool cleaned off, just from using it one flush.“
Lilybell2 in online forum
“Wow! It works great on my Rocket Giotto. I'm very pleased with it.“
ira in online forum
“Every time I use this I smile. My group stays cleaner that it ever has in the past with much less effort...“
Bernie_J in online forum KAFFEE-NETZ:
“It is really easy and quick to keep your group-head clean. I'm really excited about this ugly thing. 😛“ *
locobo in online forum KAFFEE-NETZ:
“I always got along well with blind filter and wiggling and thought it would be money wasted. BUT I was taught otherwise. I am absolutely thrilled so far.... Absolutely clean.... you don't burn your fingers and you don't make a mess AND it's so easy and fast!“ *
FrancisoNL in online forum KAFFEE-NETZ:
“The world has been waiting for this! An absolutely AMAZING tool! Have been struggling with a brush for years and today I've found out that I've NEVER reached all areas. I'm flabbergasted.“ *
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Why should I buy the Espazzola?

much faster than brush and rag
much more thorough than wiggling
clean sealing gasket and bayonet groove
don't get in touch with hot water
no big mess
high-quality materials
poke free steam nozzles
hex socket for screwdriver bits
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