Frequently asked questions

The Espazzola fits most professional and semi-professional machines.

It is important that the portafilter used in your machine features two cams and that the diameter of the shower is between 56 mm and 58 mm. The few known exceptions to this rule are listed on our shop page.

The cleaning of group-heads in lever espresso machines with the Espazzola is very easy and efficient.

Since the rim of the group-heads of hand lever machines are narrower in most models than those of pump driven machines, mounting of the Espazzola into the group-head is somewhat more difficult during first uses, until the cams have worn out a little and adapted to the smaller diameter.

Currently only one version of the Espazzola is offered. In the future, however, further sizes are planned that will fit into other machines. It is difficult to predict when these will be ready, but we will announce the introduction on Twitter and other channels.

In our tests, the Espazzola shows little wear after about one year of daily use, so that a useful life of more than one year seems realistic. On closer inspection, however, one must distinguish between the membrane (the flexible ‘inset’) and the cup (the ‘handle’).

The membrane is a wearing part and will often last for about one to two years and is available individually as a spare part. At some point it will tear - but still remain usable in many cases. If used properly, the cup can be used for longer periods of time.

For both parts, careful handling significantly increases durability. If you make sure to push the Espazzola all the way up into the brewing group before turning it counterclockwise and make sure not to use any force (never necessary for cleaning), you will be rewarded with a much increased service life.

Yes! The cup section can withstand temperatures of more than 100°C and the membrane will last to about 200°C.

The cleaning agents of all common manufacturers are compatible with the materials used in the Espazzola and can be used together with our tools without any problems.

However, with the Espazzola the group-head will get clean quickly and easily even without the use of chemical agents. We therefore recommend that no additional detergents are used.

The shape of the Espazzola prevents pressure from building up inside the cup. This is intentional because the plastic would not withstand the high internal pressure and would burst. That’s why you can’t backflush with the Espazzola.

However, we do think that back-flushing with successive bursts at short intervals is not very efficient. The chemical detergents used in this process take at least several minutes, rather hours, to dissolve the stubborn coffee deposits attached to the inside of the shower screen and to the walls of the water supply pipes. In the usual back-flushing process, however, the cleaning solution only remains in the brewing group for a few seconds and is therefore largely ineffective.

We recommend cleaning the group-head daily, possibly several times a day, with the Espazzola alone. We use back-flushing with detergents only at longer intervals (approximately once a week) and we leave the water with the dissolved detergents in the group-head for at least several minutes after the first burst, then rinse thoroughly. In our experience, the group-head remains significantly cleaner with considerably less effort this way.

PLEASE NOTE: In case of prolonged exposure, lubricating greases can also be removed from the hydraulic valves. This can result in increased mechanical wear. If in doubt, please ask the manufacturer of your espresso machine.

We recommend rinsing the Espazzola with clear water after use.

If necessary, it can also be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Alternatively, the Espazzola can be soaked in a cleaning solution with one of the usual cleaning agents for group-heads.

If you want to report about the Espazzola or market it and search for suitable material, you are welcome to salvage our website. Also, please find >here< a collection of pictures and >here< the promotional video in english.

For further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.